What is a child psychologist, anyway? What is therapy for children all about?

I am a doctor but not for people’s bodies – for people’s feelings. My job is to help things feel a little better for you, either at home, or at school, or both! If you come see me, you can rest easy that there will be no shots or beds with weird crinkly paper on them. We will be meeting in a normal room with a couch, a couple chairs, and a whole area just for playing. That’s right, playing!

One of the ways I help kids is by playing (drawing, games, reading together, toys, and more). Sometimes we will talk or I may teach you things. Other times, I will meet with the adults in your life – they just want to know that you are okay and how things are going.

When we are waiting for our sick or broken bodies to heal, they can hurt for a while. The same is true with broken parts of our lives. While coming to see me, you may have some days that feel “bad”. You might feel tired, angry, sad, or your stomach or head might hurt. That’s okay and normal. Most of the time, kids feel better after seeing me than when they first got there.

You might be wondering how long this whole thing takes! Basically until you, me, and the adult(s) in your life agree that things are better. Sometimes this takes about 10 times meeting and sometimes it takes longer, like a whole school year.

Therapy for Kids

My wish is that you will have fun with me and find our meetings helpful. Still have questions? Learn more about therapy for kids by clicking here.

If your parent has already said you are coming, I can’t wait to meet you!